About me

My name is Andriy Karamazov.

Hail the horde.

Born in the “Scream Bloody Gore” year (thanx, Chuck, and rest in peace). Was introduced to metal at the age of 12. Finished high school and entered a university in the year Quorthon departed to Valhalla (rest in peace). Graduated after 4 years with the BA degree in translation/interpreting (English/Arabic/Ukrainian/Russian).

Worked for money as a translator and a copywriter in a dental trade company for another 4 years.

Moved to the Austrian capital in the Mayan end-of-the-world year to experience adventure. Earned my Master of Arts degree in English linguistics at the University of Vienna in the summer when Cristiano Ronaldo became a European soccer champion. In the meantime, work at a good place with good people, married the best woman ever, work out, cheer for Inter Milan, learn some new stuff, and listen to metal.

My absolute music favorites are Emperor (+ all other Ihsahn‘s projects), King DiamondMotörhead, Judas Priest (till 2005; “Jugulator” included; Halford‘s solo works of the early 2000s included), Death, Sodom (1984 – 1990; 2006 – present) and early Megadeth (till 1990 + “Endgame”).

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P.S. Me sez sorry for bad grammar and all the typos.