One year of Digging and farewell to 2015

Hi there! This is Andriy and you are reading Digging Met(AL)aphor and today – you guessed right – there will be no real post. There are still a couple of things to mention before we bid 2015 farewell.

This month, exactly in 4 days, my little project Digging Met(AL)aphor celebrates its one-year anniversary. It was launched on Christmas Eve in 2014 in an attempt to share the great excitement I had taken in analyzing metaphors in literary texts for my university seminar paper. I kept the flame burning and in the past 12 month of Digging, I have presented you with the investigations of some gems of metal from the American and European metal scenes. Until today, we have focused here more on the bands I prefer. The next year, however, will see a change. This means that apart from my picks, you are welcomed to suggest the songs to be featured on the Stash. You can share your ideas in the comments or through the contact form.

We will start our journey through 2016 with one of the classics of W.A.S.P.; we will then, hopefully, see Judas Priest and Ihsahn on the Stash, together with Slayer, AC/DC and your favorites.

I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy (and Heavy) New Year!

LG, Andriy


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